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Eternal doubt about the best platform is usually the first that comes to those who want to start the production of content, is intended to disclose a company, product or service, for fun or so to make money through monetization content with affiliate programs like Google AdSense or other affiliate program.

In fact, what we know as blog today, are the content management platforms, also known as CMS – Content Management Systems.

The market basically has five major tools of this kind, where one of them stands out and and put a great advantage over the other.

The question about the best platform begins to be answered here:

Statistically speaking, everyone uses WordPress, or at least those who have identified their potential.

To better understand the data shows that WordPress is 23.9% of all web sites. And among the CMS platforms have 60.3% of the market.

It should be highlighted as well, Blogger, Google’s blogging platform is only the fifth in use.

About Magento, which is originally an open source platform focused on e-commerce, but that has modules for creating blogs.

For better understanding, the opposite happens with WordPress, originally focused on blogging content management, has plugins that can turn it into an e-commerce.

The Best Platform – Why the preference for WordPress?

As you can see, when the question is what is the best platform to blog, the preference for WordPress is huge.

This course is not for nothing, and if you have not defined or is arrival to the world of blogs might be wondering: Why does everyone use WordPress?

The great advantage of the WordPress platform are the plugins.

Think of plugins such as applications for your smartphone, adding features that originally they can not have.

The case of an open source platform, the possibilities become endless.

Another important point is your “Themes”, interfaces developed as templates to apply to blogs and completely change the look. There is a wide variety of free themes for all users.

In addition to these free themes, there are also other professionals, developed by specialized companies, such as those found in Theme Forest, which cost around $ 50, but worth it for the quality of design and extra features.

If your business is to make money with Google AdSense, WordPress wins also triggered other platforms options for creating blogs, so that in our Google AdSense course, we have adopted as a standard platform for our examples and tutorials.

With constant updates over the past two years, blogging on WordPress have enjoyed numerous improvements, such as media editing tools, full support for Emoji and fully responsive interfaces.

With all these benefits, it remains the King of customization with thousands of plugins and themes available for installation that make it an adaptable platform to every kind of business.

Check out the infographic below, where we list the six main reasons that lead people to use WordPress.

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