What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound marketing is a strategy to attract new business by creating specific content for the people who are part of your target audience. It includes building a website with great content, posting captivating posts on your blog and your social networks, and leveraging your site’s Google ranking (also known as SEO). Create something attractive, captivate and bring your customers to your business and you’ve already become an inbound marketer! The success of these marketing actions will help you gain the trust and loyalty of your clients for many years.

Are you looking for ideas to implement a complete strategy for your inbound marketing? Here are ten ways to use inbound marketing in your business:

Target audience
Needless to say, you need to know your audience, since inbound marketing focuses on creating content that your clients will love, find interesting and want to know more! The first step to mastering inbound marketing is to invest some time in getting to know your target audience. Find out what their interests are, what they find fun, where they shop, what websites people visit, and what social networking platforms they use. With all that knowledge about your potential customers, you’ll be much closer to knowing how to create content they will enjoy.

Communication style
To attract and engage your potential clients’ attention, use the tone and vocabulary they are accustomed to hearing. A company that sells to the technology-savvy class in the mid-twenties should use language, images, and platforms different from those employed by a company that sells to those in the retirement age range, even if both offer the same products. Use everything you’ve learned in the first step about your potential customers to create content that is in tune with your audience.

Optimising your site for Google is one of the best ways to establish your reputation and answer the questions of your users. If your site is one of the first listed when your potential customers are looking for something online, you can earn their trust by the blink of an eye. Allow your site to be the answer to that prospect’s query! Here are some SEO tips for optimising your site. No, you do not need to be a professional to build the SEO reputation of your website.

Posts with quality and consistency
A well-written blog is one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your site. If you want to be found, you must create educational content that answers the questions and concerns from your customers. No matter what your field of activity is, share your experience and have a lot of fun!

Write as a guest on a blog
In addition to writing an excellent blog on your website, you should also try writing guest posts on other well-known blogs. Blogging as a guest is a great way to captivate the attention of your potential audience.

Social networks
As you search for your target audience, you’ll probably be able to see where your customers are circulating. Maybe you’re looking at pictures on Pinterest or the sofa of your dreams at Ikea? To get the best return on your investment, you should stay focused on creating posts and interacting with users on the social networking platforms where your customers already are.

Have a nice talk with your customers

Everyone likes a little attention. You should take the time to communicate with your clientele whether through a live chat feature on your website or in social networking conversations. That way, you’ll be able to get to know them better, be more accessible, and walk a good part of the way you need to gain their trust.

CRM platform
CRM “Customer Relationship Management” is a system used by companies to monitor their customers and maintain necessary information, such as address and phone number, as well as details about the relationship with each one of them. To use inbound marketing efficiently, you must know everything about each of your previous customers and potential customers, and monitor everything in a CRM. Gather information about each of your contacts, write down everything they bought, how they discovered you, and even specific data like your preferred colour, birthday date or age group. Then you can group your contacts according to different parameters.
Do you want a CRM that works perfectly with your site? Talk to us!

Custom newsletters
Newsletters are another excellent way to reach your potential customers with content written to suit your interests. With the help of your CRM, you can send different messages to different groups of contacts, giving each client the content that is most likely to attract them. Do you want an easy way to send multiple newsletters to distinct segments of your audience? Be sure to try one of our solutions which we can easily integrate into your website!

Free samples
Another excellent way to attract the attention of your customers to your product or service is to let them try it for free. To entice new customers, you can offer a special dish for free or even the first month of a service or an hourly consultation. For example, if you have a WordPress site, you can add a window that will pop up and encourage new visitors to take advantage of this opportunity you are offering. If you truly believe in what you sell, a free sample will make your product or service speak for itself! Your customers will be thankful, and you will be able to captivate them even more!

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